AIPS-ASIA Treasurer, Rajbanshi steps down as 7 others join over financial irregularities

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The Treasurer of AIPS-ASIA, Niranjan Rajbanshi of Nepal, resigned from his post on Saturday.

He cited financial and administrative irregularities in the functioning of organisation as the primary reason behind the move.

The AIPS-ASIA concluded its Congresss held in Kuala Lumpus, Malaysia on Friday.

With this, the numbers of the office bearers, who have tendered their resignations from their respective offices have reached eight exposing the cracks in the 17-member Executive Committee.

Rajbanshi sent his handwritten resignation to the Secretary-General, Amjad Aziz Malik of Pakistan, who had tendered his resignation earlier in the week.

“The financial report that was presented during the AIPS-ASIA Congress is replete with financial and administrative irregularities,’’ Rajbanshi said in his resignation statement.

Terming the situation as ‘hopeless’, he added, “under the prevailing circumstances, I no longer wish to continue in office. I could not see any hope as far as the current situation goes, and it’s best that I vacate my post as the Treasure of AIPS-ASIA.’’

Calling his resignation as a proof of the wrongdoings in the functioning of the AIPS-ASIA, Rajbanshi hoped that the sports journalists of Asia stand united in the face of such unfortunate precedents of the financial and administrative nature.

His statement comes in the wake of the Kuwaiti delegation’s demand for removal of Mohammed Qassim of Bahrain as the President of AIPS-ASIA.

It is worth pointing out that Rajbanshi was amongst the key figures of the AIPS-ASIA Executive Committee.

The Secretary General asked him to reconsider his decision considering the fact that he had a key role in the presentation of the financial report, during the 19th AIPS-ASIA Congress, which concluded in Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

On Friday, Malaysia’s Ahmad Khawari had resigned from his post as a member of the Executive Committee to join an ever-growing list of members, who are putting in their papers.

The list also includes Qatari Vice-President Mohammed Hejji, Iranian Vice-President Meisam Zamanabadi, Pakistani Secretary General Malik, Korea’s Hee Don, Japan’s Shinsuke Kobayashi and Kuwait’s Sattam Al Saihli.

The current Executive Committee was constituted in February last year during the 18th AIPS-ASIA Congress in Manama, Bahrain when Qassim, the head of the Bahrain Sports Media Committee, was elected as the president, while Pakistan’s Malik assumed the office of the Secretary-General.

Both were elected unopposed. Malik became the first Pakistani ever to be elected as the Secretary-General of AIPS-ASIA. ##



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