re-issued! Kida, aspirant for NBBF top post promises to re-unite Basketball family once again

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Kida, aspirant for NBBF top post promises to re-unite Basketball family once again

As part of his election manifesto, Musa Kida has re-stated his resolve to re-unite the divided Basketball family in Nigeria.

According to him, rallying all, under one umbrella will make for effective coordination and development.

Speaking at the weekend in Lagos, Kida said the crisis that had troubled the sport in recent years left so much to be desired and indeed adversely affected its development.

The front runner for the vacant presidential seat of the Nigeria Basketball Federation said progress would remain elusive without all stakeholders being on the same page and contributing their quota.

“There is no way you can make progress in sports if it is not all-inclusive. Basketball by definition is a team game and some of us have played it, so we know what team work is all about.’’

The present Chairman of the Rivers State Basketball Association assured that NBBF under his leadership would embrace division of labour with everybody playing their part according to their abilities.

“The president is just the first amongst equal who does not have monopoly of knowledge and idea.

“This means that for the team to succeed, you have to get your players to play their role and each of those players trusting that the other person is doing the best that he can in his role so that the team can win.’’

The Chairman of Ahmadu Musa Kida Foundation (AMK) responsible for organising and sponsoring over 20 different basketball events across the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria and West African sub region.

He affirmed his belief in an all-inclusive style of administration as a key solution for robust funding and rapid sports development.

“In Nigeria, we have so many people with lofty ideas while some have the connections to bring in moneybags and sponsors which will aid sustainable development.

“We will ensure that everybody and anybody who in one way or the other has something to contribute to Nigerian basketball is given a voice and an opportunity to show what he or she has to offer.” ##

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