3rd summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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3rd summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 3rd edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) will be held from Oct. 6 to Oct.18, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The YOG are an elite international multi-sport event for the world’s best young athletes between the ages of 15 and 18.

Buenos Aires 2018 will be the first time that an Olympic event has had an equal number of male and female athletes.

There will be 1,999 women and 1,999 men competing in the 32 sports.

The Games will truly be a celebration of sport throughout the city.

Across four different parks and four standalone venues there will be: 286 competition sessions, 468 sports initiation sessions, cultural and educational activities for the general public and athletes.

There will be not less than 241 medal events, 1,250 medals distributed and more than 500 hours of live competition broadcast.

The Summer Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 will offer the accredited media basic media facilities and a comfortable working environment at all venues.

The operations for the media are on a different scale from those found at the Olympic Games, and will offer a more interactive atmosphere for media representatives and athletes.

The focus will be on creating an easy and fun reporting environment in the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games.


There will be 30 competition venues and 23 non-competition venues

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