Liberian Housing Authority cautions residents against extension works on housing units

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Liberian Housing Authority cautions residents against extension works on housing units

Hon. Duannah Siryon, MD NHA

The Management of the National Housing Authority (NHA) has placed a stay order on all extension and reconstruction works in the form of alteration/modification at various housing estates under its direct mandate and supervision.

A statement signed by Mr Duannah Siryon, the Managing Director of NHA, explained that the stop order exercise came in the wake of numerous complaints from residents of some housing estates as management conducted independent investigation.

The investigation confirmed all such extensions being carried out and decided to place a stay order indefinitely.

The NHA Management is reminding tenants about the stipulations in the tendency guidelines they dully signed which states that before any alteration or modifications would be carried out in any of the units, they must meet the approval of the NHA through a written communication.

The NHA said it would provide technical advice to anyone interested in any extension or modification of their units.

The authority said the beauty of the estates, as originally constructed need to be largely maintained by residents.

It wants to encourage all residents of the various housing estates to abide by the regulations enshrined in the guidelines to ensure smooth working relationship with the management.

The Housing Estates in question are New Georgia Estate, E. J. Goodridge, (Barnersville) Stephen A. Tolbert, Old and New Matadi, NASSCORP Village, and Ben Town.

Meanwhile, the NHA Management said it had set up an inspectorate Division charged with consistently monitoring its estates, vacant land and other assets across the country to ensure no illegal land sale, easements or encroachment occurred.

The NHA is then, sending a team of inspectorates to visit all those mentioned estates with a view to dialoguing with tenants and other residents to promote the government’s pro-poor agenda that places the interest of Liberian citizens above the simple desire to make money.

“Anyone caught violating this pronouncement will be charge a penalty up to USD$500 or its equivalent and that said easement will be destroy accordingly,’’ the statement concluded. ##

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