”They did not send us to rob, we are just their political thugs” Listen to the audio recording of Offa bank robbery gang leader explaining link of Saraki and Governor Ahmed

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The gang leader of the Offa bank robbery, Ayoade Akinnibosun a.k.a AY, was interrogated by some journalists at the force headquarters yesterday June 3rd. In an audio recording released by Dailytrust, the gang leader told journalists how he was allegedly contracted by the senate president while he was still governor of Kwara state.

According to Ayoade, himself and some others were employed as political thugs of Saraki. The gang leader said wherever they noticed Saraki wasn’t leading in an election, they went in there to disrupt the place.

Asked if Saraki asked himself and others to go and rob the banks, the gang leader said ”No they did not send us but because we are their political thugs, that is what led us to the place” he said

He said he took the Lexus jeep the senate president provided for political acrivities to the bank robbery scene. He could not answer whether it was Saraki that told him to take the car there. On who supplied them with arms, the gang leader said it was a dismissed police officer, Michael Adikwu who has since been arrested.

The gang leader also blamed the devil for him getting involved in armed robbery.

Listen to his confession below

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