I will stop Buhari in 2019, says Prophet Nwoko

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I will stop Buhari in 2019, says Prophet Nwoko

By Vincent Okwor, Enugu

Prophet Anthony Nwoko, an Enugu-based religious activist, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to stop wasting his time in preparing for the 2019 elections, boasting that he will stop his re-election.

Nwoko, who spoke with newsmen in Enugu on June 12, said that he would spiritually stop the election the same way God used him to annul the June 12, 1993 presidential election.

This is coming at a time the presumed winner of the election, the late MKO Abiola is being posthumously honoured by Buhari.

The Abia State-born prophet recalled that in “on Jan. 2, 1993, I warned Babangida that if he does not allow me, Nigeria will be in trouble.

“He did not listen and that was why June 12 was annulled by God.

“I equally warned Abdulsalami Abubakar against installing Obasanjo as president, he did not listen too. When you disobey God, it brings curse. These messages came in 1992, 1993 and 1999.

“I am here again to announce that I will stop Buhari, Biafra will be restored, whether the world likes it or not.

“This country is in the hand of God, not in the hand of any mortal man. I made sure Babangida stepped aside. Yoruba stole my glory and that is why I made sure Abiola did not wear the crown.

“They rejected me in the southwest, nobody will stop me this time. I will take my people to the promised land because of the injustice in this land. Igbos will leave to serve their God.

“I need Biafra. I’m going to install Biafra. So-called religious men in this country have sold the glory of God to politicians. Let them go with Nigeria, Prophet Nwoko is going with Biafra.

“Nnamdi Kanu brought me to Enugu and abandoned me. He refused to listen to the voice of the prophet and that is why he is having problems.

“June 12 was annulled by heaven not by Babangida. I warned him that there will be dead bodies.

“Whatever Buhari is doing to honour Abiola is political game play. One million Buhari cannot stop me. There are killings everywhere, atrocities, injustices. I hold the key of this nation.

“Buhari is APC president not Nigeria president, this 2018 is my last warning. All the governors in southeast are wasting their time. I will unite the whole region.

“Let them come and arrest me and they will know you don’t touch a lamb of God, I have not visited my community for 47 years, I’m not married because of this mission.

“Buhari wants the sympathy and support of the Yoruba and that is why he is honouring Abiola.

“I’m advising all these agitators, let them sheath their dirty swords. These are criminals.

“Wherever Nnamdi Kanu is, let him tell his group to stop all these nonsense they are doing in Radio Biafra,’’ he further stated.

“This is my last warning. Anyone that has ears, let him hear,’’ he said. ##

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