Christian families urged to take active part in Church Missionary work

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By Regina Igwebuike

Amawbia (Awka South LGA), Oct. 17, 2018 (MOI) Rev. Sr. Rosanna Emenusiobi of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) community has called on Christian families to take active part in Church Missionary work.

Sr. Emenusiobi made the call at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia during this year’s catechetical week with theme: “Live And Let Live’’.

“Christian families should place itself in what it does as intimate community of life and love at the service of the Church and the society.’’

She noted that parents were the primary teachers of faith, urging them to know the crucial nature of their work as promoters of human life.

Emenusiobi observed that human life was sacred because from its beginning, it involved the creative action of God and “it remains forever in a special relationship with the creator, who is its sole end’’.

“The ultimate source of the sacredness of the human life is not found in mere will of human beings, but in man himself and in God his creator,’’ she said.

She bemoaned that destruction of human lives had permeated every aspect of the society including the family, “which is supposed to be the bedrock of morality and discipline’’.

“Destruction of human life in the family which is the nucleus of the society is fast corroding the once honoured and revered African traditional values like reverence for life and respect for the elderly.

“Dignity of the human life, which ought to be respected and protected, has been compromised in Nigeria today, resulting in violent approach to the dignity of the human person that threatens the human lives.

“Abortion, contraception, euthanasia, ritual killings, kidnapping, mob action, poisoning, herdsmen activities, assassinations, drug abuse, insecurity, sub-standard and expired goods have become the order of the day,’’ she noted.

The Parish Assistant Catechist, Mrs Maria Maureen Odilatu said that the level of killing and injustice in Nigeria, called for sober reflections.

Mrs Odilatu said that change should begin with oneself, calling on the media to expose by means of video/audio clips online, the dangers of anti-life activities, educating people on their rights to life and good living habits.

“The media should be an effective and instrument in the promotion of pro-life programmes and arousing people to act and speak out in the face of evil.

“Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) should also use their status to promote `true humanism’, which acknowledges that man is made in the image of God and must live in consonance with that dignity,’’ Odilatu said. (MOI)

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