IOC convenes an Olympic Summit on Dec 8 in Lausanne

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IOC convenes an Olympic Summit on Dec 8 in Lausanne

Discussions will focus on several topics of interest and concern to the Olympic Movement, including: the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration, the Olympic Agenda 2020/New Norm, the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2022.

Also to feature are ASOIF and AWOIF good governance reports and the Olympism in Action Forum, held in October 2018 in Buenos Aires.

The Olympic Summit will also discuss the progress of the International Testing Agency (ITA), six months into its existence, and will discuss the approach of the Olympic Movement to egames/sports.

The Olympic Summit involves leading representatives of the Olympic Movement.

It forms part of the ongoing dialogue and consultation on important issues and subjects of significance for the future of the Olympic Movement.


List of Participants:

IOC President, Thomas BACH

IOC Vice-Presidents, Juan Antonio SAMARANCH and Ugur ERDENER


Others are Anita L. DEFRANTZ, Zaiqing YU


The Executive Board Members are:



International Federations

President of the IAAF, Sebastian COE

President of the FIG, Morinari WATANABE

President of the ISU, Jan DIJKEMA

President of the IIHF, René FASEL

The Presidents of FIFA and FINA cannot attend due to important prior commitments in their respective sports.

National Olympic Committees

President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, GOU Zhongwen,

President of the United States Olympic Committee, Lawrence F. PROBST III

President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Stanislav POZDNYAKOV

Recognised Organisations

Acting President of ANOC, Robin MITCHELL


President of ASOIF, Francesco RICCI BITTI

President of the AIOWF, Gian-Franco KASPER

President of the IPC, Andrew PARSONS

President of WADA, Craig REEDIE (by phone)



President of ICAS, John COATES

Chair of the International Testing Agency, Valérie FOURNEYRON ##

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