Makinwa urges LMC to risk it all and restart the Nigerian League


Katsina United coach Henry Makinwa has urged the LMC to take a risk and restart the Nigerian Professional Football league.I would have loved that we take a risk to continue the league because there are other indexes around the country, Tanzania league is on and it’s a small country compared to Nigeria and even the European league they are on,”

We have to learn to take a risk, that’s the only thing I don’t like about our people, we are giant of Africa, we should take the risk and still observe all other things,” Makinwa said. How do we lead in Africa? he asked .We are the giant, the biggest economy, so we should lead! “In America, people are dying daily but they have opened up activities in the country with precautionary measures, they also enforced social distancing, use your face mask, etc. This is what our leaders should do.