Scrutinise guests checking into your hotels — Diaspora Commissioner cautions hoteliers

Arts & Culture

Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism, Dr Christian Madubuko has cautioned hoteliers to remark the kind of people they check into their hotels.Dr Madubuko gave this admonition at an ongoing tour of hotels in the state.When people come to visit a guest in your hotels, ensure that they are properly scrutinised. Also certify from the guests before the visitors leaves.

There are cases where people are killed in hotels and we will not want that to happen in Anambra State.Use International passport, Drivers’ licence or National Identity cards to check in your guests because some criminals lodge into hotels with fake names.We need to classify every hotel in Anambra into different categories and upload them in our system,’’ he said.He enjoined hoteliers to partner the Ministry in promoting the vision and mission of the state government.

Acting Director, Hotel and Hospitality, Mrs Stella Anah urged hoteliers to always use guest manifest in checking in their guests.Ensure you register your hotels with the Ministry and, also maintain COVID-19 protocols.’’A hotelier, Mr Michael Onyedika appealed to the commissioner to facilitate the merging of various taxes that hoteliers pay into a unified tax window, so as to detect fake tax collectors.Patron, Anambra Hotel Owners Association, Mr Dilim Okafor promised that the Association would assist the Ministry during enforcement of Government directives.This will ensure maximum compliance of members toward carrying out government directives.’’