Joe Exotic’s old ‘Tiger King’ zoo might have human remains buried there after all — at least that’s what Jeff Lowe thinks — and some cadaver dogs are allegedly pointing there.Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Jeff contacted the same company that visited the GW Exotic Animal Park a couple weeks back for a second opinion, and this time FOUR cadaver dogs came and gave a positive alert.

We’re told the hounds — 4 different dogs at 4 different times — picked up the scent of human remains … once again, by the alligator pit.Our sources say the company swears by the accuracy of its dogs and believes the local sheriff’s deputies didn’t take this seriously earlier in the month, and handled the excavation incorrectly to boot.

We broke the story … 2 cadaver dogs were previously brought to the zoo as part of an episode of Zak Bagans’ “Ghost Adventures” and picked up a scent near the same gator pit.However, law enforcement found no human remains — just some animal bones that appeared to be the skeleton of small animal with a tail — and considered the matter closed.

Our sources say Jeff and co. want officials to come by again for a more thorough investigation without film crews around and take it seriously … because the cadaver dog owners are doggone serious something’s up.

As we reported, sources connected to Joe say he scattered ashes from several bodies on the property — because the people who died wanted it that way — but that’s it.

Always some drama at the ‘Tiger King’ zoo.