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Meek Mill has addressed the elephant in the room — namely, Kanye’s implication that Kim cheated on him by sleeping with Meek during a prison reform meeting … and he’s calling BS loud and clear.MM hopped on Twitter Wednesday morning after he, Kim and Ye were all trending — with tons of memes and jokes poking fun at the suggestion that he banged the missus. There doesn’t seem to be any truth to it in his eyes though — he wrote, “Sh** is cappp cmon …..” In case you’re unfamiliar, “cap” means lie(s). So in other words, liesss!
He didn’t elaborate beyond that, but it doesn’t look like he has to. We’ve already heard nothing inappropriate happened — and now, it’s confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth.
Kanye West’s jealousy over Kim Kardashian meeting Meek Mill last year seems misplaced … since it was in a very public group setting, and purely to talk prison reform.

Sources connected to the Kardashians and Meek tell us Kim’s prison reform summit did go down at the Waldorf Astoria in L.A. — as Kanye said on Twitter last night — but Meek and Kim never met in a one-on-one setting.We’re told they were joined by philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai … and the trio met in Jean-Georges restaurant at the Waldorf. The group discussed plans to keep the prison reform movement going forward. A witness says Kim left the hotel — solo — immediately after the meeting.

Worth noting … both Kim and Meek work with Cut50, the org that fights for reduced incarceration rates and criminal justice reform.Our sources say Kim was aware of Kanye’s jealousy over the situation … and it’s something the two spoke about. However, outside of that one public meeting … we’re told Kim and Meek have never been alone together.As we reported, Kanye accused Kim of being “out of line” for the meeting, and claimed he’s been trying to divorce her ever since the meeting.

friends and family are deeply concerned about Kanye because they believe he’s in the grips of a bipolar episode.