Harvesting of storm water will help to slow pace of destruction of environment by gully erosion says NEWMAP MD


By Tony Nezianya :

Awka, July 24, 2020 (MOI) Project Coordinator, NEWMAP, Mr Mike Ivenso has appealed to Ndi Anambra to learn the process of harvesting storm water from within immediate premises, so as to reduce the amount of floodwaters that destroy the environment.It is water that gathers volume and velocity that constitutes floodwaters as primary cause for erosion menace in cities and towns,’’ Ivenso an Engineer said at the “Meet The Press’’, a forum created by Governor’s Media Group (GMG) to track the Governor’s Years.

We must adopt a mechanism to fetch rain water from the roof into tanks. Even though the tanks won’t take in all entire water, it will no doubt help to slow the velocity from a height.With the process appropriately deployed, the tanks will now flow very quietly and also remove all those corrosive force that it has.

So, if you look at it when each and every onye Anambra installs such tanks, you will see the great positive impact it has with helping to reduce erosion.We are also urging our people not to build indiscriminately as the laws regulating building in this state are made to protect us and guide us; people always fall foul because they think that they are trying to deal with the system, but we are actually undoing ourselves.

When you build on water channels, water will naturally find its way; therefore, the process of finding that channel causes trouble for the next man.We are also asking our people to imbibe the culture of not dropping wastes in our drainages, because when you dump refuse in the drainage, it blocks the free flow of water and it finds a different channel.This is what invariably causes flooding and consequently, erosion for neighbours or in erosion in different areas,’’ Ivenso said.