PG Akpo calls for support for Government in `on-Air-Teaching’


President-General Akpo Development Association (ADA), Nze Henry C Dim has called on rural dwellers to support Anambra State Government in `on-the-Air-Teaching’ programme to curtail spread of Coronavirus pandemic.The education programme is organised in order to close the gap occasioned by Federal Government’s closure of schools to check the spread of COVID-19 among school children.

The programme is affordable, safe and beneficial to all and sundry. It is far better than engaging children at unauthorised lessons that have no Coronavirus pandemic preventive arrangements.Life has no duplicate, as such cannot be replaced if lost.’’He made the call while exchanging views with Information Officers, at his residence in Ogbo Akpo, on July 20.

The PG said: “Anambra State on-Air-Teaching Programme is sponsored with taxpayers’ money in the interest of Anambra children within the school age.So, as a taxpayer, rise to avail yourself of your share of the benefit. Get a radio with battery; programme yourself to suit the education programmes.Make sure your children are within the reach of radio sets. Supervise the programme as parents and guardians.

Monitor your children’s attention and concentration. It is even going to help them by the time school’s reopen,’’ he advised.The PG condemned the attitude of rural dwellers, who do not observe COVID-19 preventive protocols, especially in Churches.I attended 9am Mass last Sunday, July 19, only to notice that 60 per cent of the entire congregation was not putting on their face masks.

After the mass, I spoke to the congregation, reminding them about social distancing, regular washing of hands with soap under running water, and the importance of regular use of hand sanitiser.My reward was sighing and murmuring. I felt depressed because my struggle was purely to save lives.Though, I refused to be deterred. I have held meetings with women leaders (Umuada), married women and youths. I shall be meeting with elders soon.

Government is doing the best they can to curtail spread of COVID-19 pandemic. We must complement their effort.The fight is about one’s life and lives of his or her loved ones. So, we will not stop until we get good results,’’ he assured.