Anambra ‘Aku Luo Uno’ philosophy: Governor’s aide builds primary health centre for community


In line with ‘Aku Luo Uno’ philosophy of Anambra, a Special Assistant (SA) to Governor on Petroleum Matters, Mr Peter Nwosu bankrolled the rebuilding of Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), Nnewi.Mr Nwosu also facilitated the re-equipping of centre known as `Ndi Ezenwankwo PHC’

The inauguration of the rebuilt PHC at Uruagu, Nnewi had in attendance the Speaker of the State Assembly, Mr Uche Okafor, some members of the Assembly and Anambra State Primary Healthcare Development Agency’s (ASPHCDA’s) Board Chairman.The Speaker, Mr Okafor applauded Mr Nwosu and the people of Ndi Ezenwankwo Community for the wonderful initiative.

The Speaker urged the community to support the project in any way possible to function effectively, noting that support could be in the form of volunteering to assist in the facility.No matter how small the support is, it can go a long way to develop the PHC.The thing that gives me joy about this PHC is that it has staff member’s quarters, which means that 24 hours service can be delivered here.

If every well meaning Ndi Anambra will key into what is being done here today, the health challenges in the state will be a forgotten one,’’ he added.Mr Okafor, however, urged others to emulate the benefactor of the project and see what they could do to bring development to the grassroots in their respective communities.
Executive Secretary, ASPHCDA, Dr Chioma Ezenyimulu commended Nnewi North Transition Committee Chairman for having health as a priority, noting that this was the second PHC to be inaugurated in the LGA this year.

On May 29, a PHC was inaugurated in Otolo Nnewi. This shows that matters concerning health are very important to Ndi Nnewi.She expressed gratitude to the state government for supporting the Agency in coordinating primary healthcare activities across the state.Dr Ezenyimulu gave assurance that whatever was done for other PHCs would also be done in Ndi Ezenwankwo PHC, because what was happening there is the core of primary healthcare.

Primary healthcare is all about community involvement. We appreciate it when the Community/Ward committees come together and plan for the health facility.This is because when there is strong community support, activities in the PHC are very successful,’’ she explained.The ES urged all to continue to support the government in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic as it was a very serious pandemic and we have to take responsibility for our health and for our loved ones.

She advocated for the practice of regular hand washing as it would also help in the fight against other diseases.The benefactor of the project, Mr Nwosu commended the state government for having Ndi Anambra at heart and doing everything possible to see that they were living in good health.He noted that Ndiezenwankwo PHC was once a health post with two rooms located inside the Ndiezenwankwo Hall.

The thought to rebuild a better equipped and spacious health centre for prompt healthcare services was hatched following an increase in patronage of the facility, notwithstanding its cramped condition.”Mr Nwosu, then, appealed to the ES to always remember the health centre, when health interventions were carried out both at state and National levels.

Director, Primary Healthcare, Nnewi North Local Government Health Authority (LGHA), Dr Chukwudi Njelita commended Ndi Nnewi for their positive attitude toward the health needs of their people.He thanked the Assembly, ASPHCDA and LGA team, Title Holders, Community Leaders and Ward Committee Members for their support toward the success of the event.