Malaria Or Early Signs Of Pregnancy? Fans React As Erica Falls Sick.


The big brother Naija season 5; lockdown housemates have been giving content from week 1 and now in the week 5, the drama continues.A lot of activities have taken place in the house and the fans have made sure not to miss any moment, with those moments leading to aftermaths they are reacting to now.A lot of sexual activities have happened in the house, starting from Praise and Lucy, but most recently, Kiddwaya and Erica went down to business also.

The couple were seen having fun under the Duvet while Erica was head of house and Kiddwaya was her deputy at the head of house lounge.However, today, Erica has not been feeling well, with mostly signs of malaria showing up. With 2 other housemates having fallen sick earlier, the fans concluded Erica is down with malaria.

Some Nigerians as always, saw this in a different light due to the earlier incidence between Erica and Kiddwaya, and some are saying hope it’s not early signs of pregnancy.Here are some hilarious reactions from Nigerians on the matter;