Tolulop’s Death: I did Not Kill Her Deliberately, I was Just Revising And Mistakenly Hit her- Adejoh

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It is almost a month and some days now since Nigeria lost the first female helicopter combat the country has ever produced due to the accident that took her life.

Tolulope Arotile as she’s called hailed from kogi state Nigeria and she was the first female helicopter combat Nigeria has ever produced. However, on the 11th of July last month she was knocked down by a moving vehicle and that led to her departure from this life.

However, recently, the driver who was said to be responsible for her death in the person of Nehemiah Adejoh was remanded in the magistrate court in kaduna yesterday and he claimed that he did not intentionally hit the diseased.

According to Nehemiah, he saw Arotile and decided to reverse and greet her but accidentally ran into her, and unfortunately, that led to her death.

Rumors have it that the said driver was once an old-time classmate of Tolulope but I don’t seem to understand is that how possible will he revise and not looking at where he’s revising to?

Well nobody is above mistake because it could be but still, it’s very obvious but the deeds have been done.

Once again rest in peace Tolulope Arotile. The gallant officer!