Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 ‘safe’ vehicles for LAGOS RIDE taxi scheme |nigeria news today headlines update today

Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 ‘safe’ vehicles for LAGOS RIDE taxi scheme


The initiative is a partnership between lagos State-owned IBILE Holding Ltd. and CIG Motors Company with the target to produce clean and reliable means that of taxi movement across the metropolis at reasonable price.

Operators are needed to pay regarding N1.9 million payment, of that the total covers the twenty per cent equity of the price of car, registration and insurance.

Each automotive being employed within the theme comes with technology-enabled security measures that monitor each journey undertaken.He said that the state had moved another step forward in its drive to develop an efficient transportation model in tune with modernity and comfort.

The governor said that the aim wasn’t to run existing hailing ride operators out of the business, however to supply safer various and clear the roads of shaky cars being employed for taxi business.

He said that the theme would supply opportunities to the operators to become owners of the vehicles at intervals 3 to four years amount.

According to him, the requirement for higher, dignifying and a lot of profitable means that of transportation and resource for unemployed and underemployed population necessitate the new ‘Lagos State Taxi Scheme’.

Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 ‘safe’ vehicles for LAGOS RIDE taxi scheme |nigeria news today headlines update today
Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 ‘safe’ vehicles for LAGOS RIDE taxi scheme |nigeria news today headlines update today

”Under this arrangement, a beneficiary are provided a brand-new automotive which can become the driver’s property when completion of the payment of the vehicle’s subsidised price,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu same that to enhance riders’ and passengers’ security, a full security gadget, including a 360 dashboard camera, that might offer 24-hour audio-visual feeds to the management centre, had been pre-installed on every automotive deployed for the theme.

He further that every automotive came with a physical push that might be employed by anyone on board, just in case of assault or emergency.

The governor said that the push was conjointly on the mobile application and was connected to the management and Command Centre.

He same that the car manufactory being discovered in lagos – another part of the partnership between CIG Motors and therefore the authorities – stood at sixty per cent completion, with anticipated begin of operations expected by september.

The Commissioners for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladehinde, said that the theme was another milestone achievement by the state government.Oladeinde same that to create the rides reasonable, the technology on that the theme was operated had created ride-sharing possible for passengers, who would agree to share ride and share transit prices.

The Chairman of CIG Motors, Nigeria, Mrs Diana chang, said that the roadmap for the urbanisation of the facility in lagos started in Nov. 2019, when the Gov. Sanwo-Olu and members of his cabinet visited the Republic of China for bilateral partnership.

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Chang said that the unveiling of the LAG RIDE was the glorious end of the partnership sealed with Chinese investors.

”We are using this partnership to promote a greater lagos wherever opportunities abound for citizens of the state, whereas making a win-win model for all stakeholders,” she said.

The director of IBILE Holding, Mr Abiodun Amokomowo, said that over five,700 drivers had downloaded the driver’s mobile apps as at Tues, out of that one,786 drivers submitted applications.

Amokomowo said that registration and enrolment fee had been accepted from 359 drivers, while others were awaiting screening.

”As a part of the method every operator can undergo for the protection and security of life and effective operations of the theme.

”We can conduct full verification of applicants’ metropolis State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI) ID cards, case history, background check and verification of NIN and metropolis resident registration numbers,” he said.

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