Gunman kills 5 in mass shooting spree in central Israel | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

Gunman kills 5 in mass shooting spree in central Israel

A gunman on a motorbike opened fire during a crowded city in central Israel late Tuesday, killing a minimum of 5 individuals within the second mass shooting rampage this week.

While circumstances weren’t immediately clear, the shooting appeared to be the most recent during a string of attacks by Arab assailants before the volatile Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Israeli media same the attacker was a Palestinian from the west bank. The previous 2 attacks, applied by Arab voters of Israel inspired by the Moslem State extremists group, have raised concerns of any violence.Israeli Prime Minister Naftali bennett called an emergency meeting of top security officials later tuesday.

Tuesday’s shootings occurred at 2 locations in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox town just east of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Police same {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a very} statement that a preliminary investigation found that the gunman was armed with an machine rifle and opened fire on passersby before he was shot by officers at the scene.

On Sunday, a pair of gunmen killed 2 young police officers during a shooting spree in the city center of Hadera, and last week, a lone assailant killed four individuals during a car ramming and stabbing attack in the southern town of Beersheba.

Gunman kills 5 in mass shooting spree in central Israel | latest news from nigerian newspapers today
Gunman kills 5 in mass shooting spree in central Israel | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli security services raided the homes of at least twelve Arab citizens and arrested 2 suspected of having ties to the Moslem State cluster during a crackdown sparked by recent deadly attacks.

Hours before the raid, bennett said the recent assaults inside Israel marked a “new situation” that required stepped-up security measures.

Law enforcement officers said thirty one homes and sites were searched long in northern Israel, an area that was home to the gunmen World Health Organization carried out the Hadera attack.

The Moslem State cluster has claimed responsibility for the 2 previous attacks.

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Israeli leaders condemned the killings and pointed to the timing. each attacks came before Ramadan, that begins later this week, and as Israel hosted a high-profile meeting in the week between the foreign ministers of 4 Arab nations and also the us. All four Arab nations — Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain and also the United Arab Emirates — along with the us, condemned the killings.

Ramadan is expected to start Sat. Last year, clashes between Israeli police and Muslim protesters throughout the holy month poached over into an 11-day war between Israel and hamas, the Moslem militant group that rules gaza. hamas praised the shooting as a “heroic operation.”

Israel has been taking steps to calm tensions with the Palestinians this year to avoid a repeat of violence. Deadly attacks by IS inside Israel, and attacks by Arab citizens of Israel, are rare.

The cluster operates mainly in iraq and Asian country, where it’s recently stepped up attacks against security forces. It no longer controls any territory however operates through sleeper cells. IS has claimed attacks against Israeli troops in the past and has branches in afghanistan and other countries.

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