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Zelensky fires two traitor general

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has taken decisive action and fired two top security officials who he claimed were “traitors”.

In an early morning address, the Ukrainian President announced he had sacked the chief of Main Department of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Naumov Andriy Olehovych.

Mr Zelensky also removed the head of the SBU in Kherson Kryvoruchko Serhiy Oleksandrovych, stripping the pair of their titles and labelling them “antiheroes”.The President accused the two top officials of failing in their duty to protect Ukraine’s “freedom and independence” but did not provide any further detail.

“Now I do not have time to deal with all the traitors but gradually they will all be punished,” Mr Zelensky said in a live address on social media.

The defiant President then issued a broader warning that officers who have “not decided where their homeland is” and have violated Ukraine’s oath of allegiance, will “inevitably be deprived of senior military ranks”.

“Random generals don’t belong here,” he continued.

Mr Zelensky also thanked the Australian Parliament following his address on Thursday night and said he “felt total support”.Following from the speech, Australia committed an additional $25 million in military aid as well as meeting the Ukrainian President’s request of providing Bushmaster armoured vehicles to the warzone.

But Mr Zelensky reiterated his calls to world leaders to maintain and increase sanctions and pressure on the Russian regime.

“We have to put pressure on the aggressor until the aggression is over,” he said.

“Let Moscow not forget that the sanctions policy will only be continued and intensified. As long as there is no peace, sanctions are needed.

“Until Russia begins to invest as sincerely in the search for peace as it invests in the destruction of our state, sanctions will remain unalterable.”

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