Ukraine Spy Boss Declares War Will End in Putin’s Death | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

What do you think would happen if Putin decides to invade Poland too?

They would be defeated immediately. 70% of their military is in Ukraine. That means they would send the remaining 30% of raw, untrained soldiers to invade a NATO country. Most of their military equipment is committed to Ukraine. They currently do not have the resources to stage another invasion.

NATO has soldiers and bases in and around Poland. I would give Putin two weeks before they were driven out or crushed. NATO has the logistical support to defend an invasion. Russia cannot support their current soldiers logistically in Ukraine, Hoe would they expect to support them in Poland.

No doubt many Poles would prefer to take the Russians to Katyn Forest to finish them off in the same manner Stalin executed 20,000 Polish officers In April and May 1940. Or leave them to be slaughtered like Stalin left the Polish Resistance to be slaughtered in the Warsaw Uprising. But the Poles are too civilized a people for such barbarity.

By Brent cooper

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