The latest developments in Ukraine |nigeria news today headlines update today

The latest developments in Ukraine

Here is a round-up of the latest developments in the war in Ukraine.

In eastern Ukraine:

Thousands of people are trying to escape the Donbas region ahead of Russia’s expected offensive in the east
Ukrainian officials are appealing to people in the area to “take this opportunity” to flee “while it is safe”
Russian troops are “regrouping and conducting reconnaissance” for an offensive in Donbas – which is made up of the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk
The US says that Russia’s withdrawal from the regions outside Kyiv and Chernihiv is now complete, as the war shifts focus to eastern Ukraine.
Chernihiv residents tell the BBC they barely had any food or water, and lived without electricity, under a Russian siege
Elsewhere in Ukraine:

More than 400 people are missing from the town of Hostomel, a local official says. The town bore the brunt of Russian advances on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, along with Bucha and Irpin
Survivor accounts are still trickling out from Bucha, where hundreds of people are reported to have been killed by Russian soldiers
President Zelensky on Thursday morning welcomed sanctions imposed on Russia but also described them as insufficient. He urged the west to boycott the use of Russian oil.

The latest developments in Ukraine |nigeria news today headlines update today
The latest developments in Ukraine |nigeria news today headlines update today

Global developments:

The US has aimed new sanctions at Russia and Putin’s inner circle – including the president’s two adult daughters
The UK and US both issued an asset freeze against Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank
European Union leaders are discussing what further measures they could impose on Russia to damage its war effort. Proposals include a ban on importing Russian coal – but some senior leaders say oil and gas also need to be banned
The UN will not a vote on Thursday on expelling Russia from the UN Human Rights Council over its invasion of Ukraine
Russia has warned Nato member countries that any such attempts will be viewed as an “unfriendly gesture”.
The US treasury secretary warned that a blanket ban on Russian oil imports would trigger “skyrocketing” energy prices in Europe
Canada will summon Russia’s Ambassador to the country over the reported killings of civilians in Bucha and Irpin, and will “present him images” of what happened in the Kyiv suburbs
The US has warned India against partnering too closely with Russia saying that “the costs and consequences for them” will be “significant and long-term”.
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This is Andrew Clarance and Vikas Pandey in Delhi handing off to our colleagues Nathan Williams and Adam Durbin in London.

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