How is giving the Ukrainians MiG-29s more escalatory than giving them Javelins?

Javelins aren’t useful as offensive weapons, MiG-29s are. whereas Ukrainian army will readily use Javelins to check any Russian advances, the missile has only terribly limited applications as an offensive weapon to dislodge Russians from their positions. the same is true for S-300, Stingers and other weapons flowing into Ukraine: most are defensive in nature and don’t give Ukrainian army vital new ability to take the fight to the enemy.

MiG-29 but will and that’s precisely why Ukrainians wants them: to strike at Russian forces and perhaps even airports, to push them back and defeat them completely.

It’s also why arrangements for the MiGs and alternative weapons systems should be made somehow. Yes, it’s an escalation. What of it?

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By tomaz vergazon

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