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Newlywed Virginia Beach Couple Found Gunned Down In Their Apartment And One Of The Victim’s Brother Has Disappeared

A newlywed virginia beach couple was found gunned down in their apartment—and police ar currently checking out the missing brother of 1 of the victims.

Talon rodgers and Alisa Wash, both 23, were discovered dead in their housing Mon night around 6:30 p.m. by Virginia Beach cops in what’s being represented as a “double homicide,” per a press release from police.

Police said the incident doesn’t seem to be “domestic related” at this time.

Just 2 days when discovering the bodies, police issued a missing persons alert for Collin q. Rodgers, who they described as an “endangered adult.”

Although authorities failed to describe Collin’s connection to talon, a family friend identified him to The Virginian-Pilot as Talon’s younger brother.

Newlywed Virginia Beach Couple |nigeria news today headlines update today
Newlywed Virginia Beach Couple |nigeria news today headlines update today

According to police, Collin was last seen by his folks at their Yorktown home on March twenty seven. Detectives learned that he was missing throughout their investigation into the double homicide and said he’s being considered “endangered” because of the “unknown circumstances” of his disappearance.

A spokesman for the local department brought up the investigation as a “complex” case to WVEC-TV and said authorities are still making an attempt to piece together what happened at the couple’s housing, where Collin may also are temporarily living at the time of the murders.Neighbors told the news outlet that the couple had gotten married about a month before their shocking deaths.

A wedding photo denote on March twelve on Wash’s Facebook page shows the couple beaming at the camera as Wash holds a white bouquet of flowers.

“They were such good people,” a neighbor, who asked to not be known, told the paper. “They were always together.”

Zak Rabe, a neighbor who lived next door to the couple’s apartment, told The Virginian-Pilot that he had detected “a few loud bangs” one night last week whereas working late.

“It was the center of the night,” he said. “I had my telephone receiver on. I couldn’t extremely tell if it had been close or far away.”

Another neighbor—who represented Wash as a “ray of sunshine”—told WVEC-TV she heard loud sounds on March thirty.

The couple’s bodies were discovered when their friends had been concerned that they hadn’t heard from them.

Talon was profiled in 2020 in a Tidewater junior college publication, the TCC today, when winning a $2,000 scholarship from the yank Boat Yacht Council Foundation while following an associate degree in diesel marine technology.

“Talon is meticulous in everything he does and could be a standout student,” prof Abe Arispe, who had recommended him for the honor, said at the time. “He’s not afraid to raise questions and needs to take care he has every task perfect.”

Talon said he was drawn to the diesel marine program as a result of he wanted to expand on the knowledge that he already had from fixing up cars alongside his father while growing up.

When he wasn’t in the classroom, talon said he enjoyed riding his motorbike through the country.

“It’s something you’ll do alone and get some air,” he said.

The couple had each been a part of motorcycle social clubs before their deaths.

Anyone with information concerning the homicides is asked to contact authorities.

Collin has been described as having many distinctive tattoos, as well as a snake on his arm and a blue Pokémon on his collar bone. Police said he could also be driving a silver Hyundai Tiburon with the Virginia license plate: 4871XH.

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