Domestic Violence | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

Domestic Violence. Who Do We Blame?

Do you know that in most cases, ladies and men are the cause of the domestic violence they experience in their relationships?

The sign of a woman beater, as well as a man beater, can never be hidden but people always overlook these signs while dating, and rather than leave, they hope the man or woman will change…

People don’t change really… They only get better in hiding their nature just to unleash it when you least expect.

Domestic Violence | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

If he or she strikes you once, it may pass for a crazy mistake but if it is done a second time, that is who he or she is… RUN!

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As a lady, make it a duty to respect the man in your life and if for any reason you can’t respect him then you have no business staying with him, please leave the union.

And for the men who say women sometimes are the cause I will say that is BS cos even when we know some ladies can be very very overbearing and verbally abusive, any wise man should know that the weakness of women is their tongue and that is where their power lies so we must learn to ignore, walk away or ask her to leave in order to keep your sanity if she is verbally abusive but don’t ever raise your hand to hit a woman and same applies to the ladies who are physically abusive towards their men.


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