Sportbetting Is About To Ruin My Career |nigeria news today headlines update today

Sportbetting Is About To Ruin My Career

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Hello everyone, my name is not necessary, I am 28 years old and I am on the verge of losing my job but the important thing here is that sport betting is about to ruin my life and career and I need help and advise from you all. It all started when my friend Bolaji(not real name) introduced me to this popular sport betting platform last year which I strongly believe that 80% of Nigerian youths would know or even use on a regular basis.

I started playing games on this platforms with the little money I made from side hustles,it was cool because I could still remember my first game; I staked #2000 on a match between Liverpool and a smaller club and I cashed out massively that weekend. I was so happy and all of a sudden I became greedy. I began to stake higher and started looking for higher and better odds to boost my winnings, I started staking with my salary and then it got worse that I started using my life savings to play games in which most time I don’t win but still I won’t back out hoping I would win back all my lost money in the next game ,I would even borrow money from my neighbors and friends as a matter of fact, I got a new name on the street: (BABA 2 ODDS)

Sportbetting Is About To Ruin My Career |nigeria news today headlines update today

Last week, my boss gave me #150,000 to go and deposit at the bank but instead I transferred the money into my betting account wallet hoping I could double the money. I predicted realmadrid to win on last week champions league match against Chelsea,though they qualified for the next round but they still lost to Chelsea. I almost ran mad at the viewing centre. Anyways my boss has been calling me since and I couldn’t pick because I don’t know what to tell him…..

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