BREAKING NEWS: Le Pen Concedes Defeat as Macron Won The French Presidential Runoff

The latest report that came in now shows Emmanuel Macron victory over Le pen. Emmanuel Macron is one of the few French President to win an election twice.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Macron’s Victory is a vote of confidence in Europe.

Back in 2017Macron had never been elected to any public office before he beat far-right finalist Marine Le Pen, 66.1 percent to her 33.9, to win the French presidency. Still in his 30s, the rookie leader was a fresh face in every sense.

Now with a full five-year term under his belt, Macron has the grey hair, the crow’s feet and the furrowed brow to show for it. Time is treacherous. But so, too, is the exercise of power through a period of historic tumult.

Emmanuel Macron has now  become the first French president to be re-elected in 20 years.

France’s election laid bare deep divisions among voters, who worried about inflation, the war in Ukraine and immigration.

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Mr. Macron has given France a central role in countering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, shepherding European Union sanctions against Moscow, sending weapons to Ukraine and deploying troops to the eastern front of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

EU Leaders have also sent in their congratulatory messages.

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