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Chrisland School Sex Scandal: How The Devil Catches Them Young

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Before we proceed to how the devil does it, it may be helpful to know why he loves to catch them young in the first place.

It is because, the earlier he catches them, the better it is for him. It makes his job, which is nothing else but to steal, kill and destroy men’s lives, so much easier. John 10:10

There are five major ways the devil ensnares young minds these days.

1. Peers:

Arguably the greatest influencer of young minds, hence a major medium the devil uses to initiate the young ones. The platform he uses most are schools, as that’s what brings children together more than any other, hence provides the perfect opportunity for devil to recruit them, especially at boarding schools where they’re not directly under their parent’s noses. The incident with the pupils of Chrisland is neither a coincidence nor mistake, but actually a well played out script. The little girl involved manifested herself to me as an agent of Satan, so she’s not as innocent as she may appear to be. She very well knew what she was doing, even though under heavy demonic influence, hence her choice of “bhadgurl” for a username of all the other options in the world despite just being a kid. She’s obviously being used by the devil to lure many of her mates to him, however she’s not the only one, because there are many like her in the schools today.

2. Family members:

The devil often initiates young ones through their family members who are his agents. He usually demands of his agents who are parents to bring at least one of their children who would eventually take their place after their deaths. I had a friend whose dad was an occultic man. One day while in boarding school, he hurriedly came out of a room shouting that they, whoever they were, should leave him alone, even though no one was visibly there with him. While trying to fend them off, he attempted suicide by trying to jump over the balcony of the school storey building, but for the timely of his fellow students who held him after he had already crossed over the pavement with one of his legs. I presently have a neighbor whose is still being disturbed by satanic agents to take over from her late father who was a satanist despite that he had repented before his death. Also there’s the possibility that the little girl involved in the Chrisland sex scandal got initiated through one of her family members. That’s one way the devil loves to catch them early to train them up so they inturn could catch others.

3. The media, e.g. TV, internet and social media:

I have often heard parents lamenting the kinds of shows shown by TV stations that are supposed to be for kids. One parent even said he cannot watch some of the shows himself as they are too adult for him, how much more his kids? So it wasn’t surprising, one day while watching one of supposed children shows myself, I saw a man being portrayed in it as a pregnant man. So to what other purpose could that be, but to plant the idea of homosexuality early on into the minds of the young ones who watch it, so that by the time they were fully grown up, the idea of homosexuality sown into their hearts would have likewise grown into full manifestation? Another I was watching one other day in a place I visited, an animation which had to do with mermaids . And the little kids around were watching it with keen interest. It seemed harmless while they were watching it, but later on those same kids would start having nightmares afterwards, seeing demons and scary beings in their dreams, and would screaming in their sleep and waking up really frightened and sweating. So why wouldn’t that happen when the mermaid they stayed glued to, watching in the TV show was also a demonic being? Those are just some instances to illustrate how the devil uses the media to influence kids.

4. Movies and music:

One way the devil uses movies to capture young hearts, is through the fellow kids actors. He uses them to play roles in movies that are diabolic, but they would be presented as harmless, however because they are devilish and intended to initiate those young ones, when the young ones emulate what they see their fellows kid do in those movies, they become initiated. One movies that easily comes to mind is Harry Potter. It appears harmless, but if parents only knew how many kids have been initiated into witchcraft just because of that movie, considering the amount of kids that passionately followed it, they’d be more careful with the kind of movies their kids watch. Music is also another tool the devil uses for this very purpose considering the extent to which children were influenced by music and love to emulate what they hear and see adults say and do, especially in trending music and music videos even though it may carry a bad message.

5. Games:

It’s not surprising the sex scandal involving the Chrisland pupils has been attributed to a game called “truth or dare”. That’s one way the devil catches them young. It wasn’t too long that the demonic game “Charlie Charlie” was trending. Many kids were observed to have come under attack or were initiated after playing the game. Among them, a girl who literally cried out for help, after she felt a strong demonic presence inside the room she was which refused to leave after she had played the game. Computer and video games are not exempted, as some characters and actions are intentionally fashioned to instill the wrong ideas into young minds. Imagine a game in which a kid playing it could brutalize and rape a lady in it? It’s just a game right? Well, not until that same kid begins to replicate his actions in the game in real life.

God bless.

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