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Has 86 Fb Football Crashed Already? Is 86 Fb Football Still Paying? (video)


Has 86 fb Football Ponzi Investment Crashed already? Is 86 fb Football Ponzi Investment still paying?

86 fb Football is currently having payment issues at the time of creating this post
Believe it or not,
The goal of every business is to make money,
Once a website starts having Withdrawal issues the next thought on every members head is how to withdraw ASAP

If the admins eventually fix the issue everyone will start placing Withdrawals and only a few will be depositing back

Once the admins notice this then they cannot allow themselves to be at a loss so they’ll pull the plug and boom the website crashes.

I’ve been announcing for almost a month now that this is a Ponzi scheme but everyone seems to be comfortable because of temporary benefits
IFC even denied them on Twitter I can’t share link here because of the rules but the link is in my YouTube video pinned comment.

For every 10 persons that escapes the crash of a ponzi scheme 100 more has been trapped, for every 100 that escapes, 1000 more has been trapped

You don’t want to keep making such financial mistakes,
Follow who know road with my little experience online I can smell Ponzi Schemes from a distance
Watch this video,

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