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Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models Experience, Lessons, Effect, Pains and Others

The obvious question here is why? Why would these young, pretty girls put themselves through these disgusting Bleep-a-thons? I may be naive here but I’d like to think that maybe 25 years ago girls wouldn’t even consider these propositions. So a deeper question is what exactly is it that’s changed their mindset?

Dubai sluts have been properly nicknamed “porta potties” because of their willingness to be used as human toilets. Anything goes if the price is right and so long as the girls are paid, they happily bathe in the bodily fluids of foreign men. This is a flat out stomach-churning way to make a living.

Western girls ( pornstars and IG models mostly) are flown into dubai for the purpose of being gangbanged by arab men. At these parties the men will DP and GB the girls and sometimes make the grils have sex with animals or men will defecate on the girls ( HENCE THE PORTA POTTY ASPECT) after the parties the girls go home with 50-70 thousand dollars for the few days work.

A former minister in Nigeria Once twitted “someone sent me a video of a Nigerian girl indulging in the most filthy , despicable and abhorrent act with an Arab man in Dubai. i was shocked and traumatized but what hit me hardest was the fact that the girl is the sister of a well know public figure .pi pray for them both”

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One of the girls with the experience told us that “It is called coprophilia. During sex the arab men poo all over them and have them eat the feace and lick their anus. They also urinate on their bodies and perform other weird fetish on the girls, then pay them huge amount of dollars afterward… Alot of nollywood actresses and lekki big girls on this table ooh ”

Another porta potty lady narrated her experience “I drank and did some more blow, through out the night , different guys in group of 1 to 4 would grab us take us in a room and have sex wwith us. i wasnt bad at all.the next night though , its when it got insane . after all day of out at sea and sex, the servant let us know tonight is the most important night so make sure we look our best. i walked into my sex room and it had plastic all on the bed, i figured they wanted to pee on me on the bed, so this time instead of 3 coming in the room only 1 does, he has sex with me, cums all over my face again… and then nik…he pops a squat and shits all over my chest, and he was pushing it out it became really liquify and it got over my face and in my mouth. I instantly pop up and start throwing up everywhere, he grabs me by hair slaps me so hard, and tells me he is not finished , but i could not stop throwing up since i had poo in my mouth. With his broke english , he told me if he doesnt finish then i dont get paid, right there and then , i never had missed my boyfriend more. just wanted him to hold me and cuddle with me…i couldnt take all of sunday , i was secluded from everyone else, fed only once and dropped back off at the dock with everyone. i was notified that i would not get paid with my 30k owed due to the fact  i didnt follow through , i dont even care , i still make 10k , but just dont see how these girls can do that. its like having sex with chubacca and his pissing and shitting on you afterTHIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR ME, Nik thanks for getting it in my head that it is ok to be a porta potty because its not . i dont know how these girl  do it”

Another lady also shared her experience for people to learn “i have literally been pissed on and shitted on so many times i just dont understand why they like it ( after the third time you get shit on you get used to it) I’ve had to have sex with a german shepard dog in front of saudi royalty. I’ve got paid to eat shit. I’ve got paid to get beat up. i even had to stick a live salmon in some 65 year old mans ass. I’ve had sex with 14 years old boys to make them men. I’ve smeared my face with their shit. so to all of you ladies that are going to bash me. I’m 24years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. i am now retired and can have normal sex with whoever i want ”

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