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‘King of Thieves’ makes N170m in 3 weeks

Nollywood actor and producer, Femi Adebayo in “King of Thieves” movie.
A Nollywood Actor, Femi Adebayo, says his new epic movie, titled ‘King of Thieves’ referred to as Agesinkole, generated over N170 million in its first 3 weeks premiere at the cinema.
Adebayo disclosed this in an interview on Sunday in Ilorin.
He said the movie, that price him several millions of naira made over, made over N43 million in 3 days at its first gap at the cinema despite being the Ramadan amount.
The popular movie producer, cum lawyer and actor, said that the set up was to leave the film at the cinema for 2 months wherever it was expected to form not less than N200 million.
Nollywood actor and producer, Femi Adebayo in King of Thieves movie.

“In the history of Nollywood, no movie has ever made N43 million in 3 days of its gap at the cinema, that’s an amount of money some movies can make in 3 months.
“The movie has truly made-up way for many providers and producers that ar producing indigenous contents,” ho said.

Adebayo, who disclosed that the movie took him quite a year to provide, said it had been an enormous success which he least expecting the acceptability of the work.
He said the movie was his 1st traditional film, adding that it’s always been his dream to provide that sort of movie for thus many years in the industry.
“The plan was to try and do a huge movie which will cue people the beauty of Yoruba culture and i waited until it was time.

“My intention was to showcase the beauty of Yoruba culture to the entire world and at the same time to be able to say one or 2 things about the society, particularly our leaders.
“When i was much younger, I had the opportunity to see the beautiful works of albert Ogunde, he showcased that beauty in Yoruba culture being a Yoruba man,” Adebayo said.
Talking about the challenges faced during the production of the movie, Adebayo aforementioned he had to begin a good research on Ifa as a Muslim.
He more said that finding a location to shoot the film took them a lot of time.

“I saw everything that fascinated me within the location we later got, the village, the river.
“I saw virtually seventy per cent of my movie in there even though we had to build more, our caster crew were scared due to insecurity and we had to beef up security.
“If you check up on the forged, we had a list Actors, it had been challenging to get their time together, waiting for them to own a uniform timing took virtually one and [*fr1] year to set up the movie,” Adebayo revealed.

Even though Adebayo refused to place a tack the price of the production, he reluctantly nod his head to agree that it crossed a N100 million mark to produce Agesinkole.
NAN reports that “King of thieves” is an epic tale of Agesinkole, associate degree all-powerful bandit and his reign of terror in the prosperous Kingdom of Ajeromi.
Concerned by his pillaging, the kingdom moves to destroy him, through the hunters, witches and monks, thus beginning this adventurous saga of revenge, bravery and glory.
NAN reports that movie stars that featured in the film include Adedimeji Lateef, Aisha Lawal, Broda Shaggi, Femi Adebayo, Ibrahim Chatta, Mr Macaroni, Odunlade Adekola, Toyin abraham Ajeyemis and Peju Ogunmola.
From acting to production to storytelling to prop quality, to the costumes, effects, the acting, sound track and background chants, music, the star studded King of thieves goes to show that the Yoruba Nollywood has advanced indeed.

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