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WATCH: Lekki Dog Video Sleeping With Human – Dubai Porta Potty Influenceuses Video

WATCH: Lekki Dog Video Sleeping With Human – Dubai Porta Potty Influenceuses Video: Everybody on social media doing some crazy things to get the attention of the users. Everybody wants to earn a lot of money and wishes to become famous in society. On average, millions of videos and posts were shared on the internet. Out of those videos, some videos went viral while some were not

Lekki Dog Video
Recently, a video become popular among netizens where it catches the peoplé’s attention. Buzzwords like Porta Potty Dubai Video tending on the internet and many were talking about it. What’s in the video and why has it become so popular among the people? Let’s find it out in this article.

Dog Video Sleeping With Human
The clip has been shared on Twitter and sparked the audience what’s in the video. Porta later known as Potty is the star of the video and now lives in Dubai. The video is about a girl who was acting awkward. She was doing poses and weird dancing which attracted a lot of attention. Her identity was not revealed yet. Nobody knows her actual name and her family details.

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FULL VIDEO :I was just ‘catching cruise’, says lady in ‘sleeping with dog’ viral video

An unknown woman who takes her to Dubai lives a rich and luxurious life. She claims that the lady takes him to Dubai and her enjoyment quadrupled when the unknown woman paid her expenses. She was shocked at first and didn’t believe the lady was paying all the expenses for him. Later on, she was invited to a big party where many rich guys came and take her for one night.

Dubai Porta Potty Influenceuses Video
When she knew the truth about the anonymous lady, it was too late and she can’t do anything. She admitted that the high society people have tried to make a physical relationship with me, force me to drink with them, and forcefully ate their feces. It went on for a whole week and she did what high society wanted to do to me. By doing this, she gets a lot of money. The unknown lady made 40,000 GH 200,000.

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