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Poppy Playtime: Coolest Huggy Wuggy Merch

Poppy Playtime’s official store has a wide array of merch featuring Huggy Wuggy, the star of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. The survival horror game’s second chapter, Fly in a Web, was rumored to be released on April 29, but the release date is now unknown. Huggy Wuggy’s fate at the end of Chapter 1 is unclear but, as Chapter 2 introduces a new antagonist, Mommy Long Legs, this supports the theory that Huggy Wuggy’s death was final. Despite this, Huggy Wuggy continues to be Poppy Playtime’s most popular and recognizable character.

Since Poppy Playtime’s initial release in October 2021, the game has flourished thanks to the viral success of Poppy Playtime gameplay and content on streaming platforms and social media. Much of this content featured Huggy Wuggy, which led to police warnings regarding the horror game and its suitability for children. As Poppy Playtime went viral, the demand for apparel and merch featuring the game’s characters was high. Fortunately, MOB Games were quick to respond, launching an official online merch store.The Playtime Co. official store sells apparel, home decor, and even plush toys of Poppy Playtime’s monsters. Kissy Missy and Huggy Wuggy dominate the merch designs, as two of the horror game’s most popular characters, despite Kissy Missy only appearing in posters in-game. Ahead of the release of Chapter 2, Poppy Playtime has announced new merch is coming soon to promote the upcoming chapter and its main antagonist, Mommy Long Legs, including a Mommy Long Legs plush toy.

Poppy Playtime’s online store is currently undergoing changes, with an updated merch line on its way, coinciding with the yet-to-be-announced release date of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Although Huggy Wuggy doesn’t appear to be featured as prominently in the upcoming chapter of the game, he still appears on much of Poppy Playtime’s official merch, as the series’ most popular and iconic character. In terms of apparel, the Playtime Co. store only sells hoodies and t-shirts currently, but there is a wide range of designs to choose from. The upcoming new merch line includes tie-dye t-shirts with Poppy Playtime’s Kissy Missy and Huggy Wuggy linking arms, as well as a t-shirt that’s the perfect shade of Huggy Wuggy-blue adorned with the character’s facial features.

Aside from clothing, Poppy Playtime’s merch store offers home decor items including replica posters of promotional posters found throughout the Playtime Co. toy factory. As well as new posters featuring Mommy Long Legs, to promote Chapter 2, there are multiple new posters featuring Huggy Wuggy. One poster shows Huggy Wuggy as a train conductor, while another shows Huggy Wuggy in Mommy Long Legs’ embrace, encircled by her long, bendy arms. However, Poppy Playtime’s most popular merch item is neither clothing nor a poster, but the official Huggy Wuggy plush toy. Fans can finally get their hands on their very own Huggy Wuggy. At 17″ tall, the adorable mini Huggy Wuggy plush makes the perfect gift for any Huggy Wuggy fan.

The Poppy Playtime store also seems to be updating with a line of new merch items to promote the upcoming release of Chapter 2: Fly in a Web. Announced via an official Poppy Playtime tweet, Mob Games is partnering with Youtooz to create a line of collectible figurines now available for preorder at the Youtooz website. Revealed so far are Huggy Wuggy, the player character, and even Poppy herself. Which characters may come in the future is hard to say, but it will likely depend on how popular this first three prove to be.

Poppy Playtime fans will be able to stock up on Playtime Co. toy-inspired clothing, exact replicas of posters from the game, and toys of the game’s iconic monsters. In addition to the best-selling Huggy Wuggy plush and the new Mommy Long Legs plush, the new merch line will add two Huggy Buddies in Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy’s colors, giving Huggy Wuggy fans even more options to choose from.

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