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WATCH VIDEO:Four-year-old boy takes mum’s car for spin

A four-year-old boy in the The Netherlands took his mother’s car for a drive before said into 2 set cars, police aforementioned Sunday.

Police within the central city of city were alerted on saturday when residents noticed a youngster walking within the street dressed solely in pyjamas and clean feet.”We immediately responded, as bystanders were worried that the boy was suffering from hypothermia,” police wrote on Instagram.

As they arrived, officers received a second report of a car accident close-by involving 3 cars. the motive force suspected of causing the accident was missing.

That car was registered to the boy’s mother, they said.Police phoned the mum “and when she spoke to her son, he created noises resembling a automobile and used gestures showing turning a steering wheel,” police said.

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“We then realised that the kid might are the driver.”

After a hot chocolate at the police station and some comfort from a teddy bear, the boy was reunited along with his mum, police said.They went with police to the crash scene along, wherever the boy took the keys, got within and started the vehicle – “and pressed down on the gas pedal” police said.

The boy had woken up when his dad went to work and taken his mum’s car keys “to go for a drive,” police said.

The mother told police she had “quite a clever child”, whereas police warned the oldsters to cover their car keys in future.”New max Verstappen found in (the city suburb of) Overvecht,” police wrote on social media when reporting the incident, referring to the popular and current Dutch world champion Formula One driver.

“Fortunately, this mini driver’s adventure has come to an finish with a sizzle,” the police wrote in their

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