Sokoto-based Islamic Preacher Urges Muslims To Kill Blasphemers | today nigeria newspapers headlines updates

Sokoto-based Islamic Preacher Urges Muslims To Kill Blasphemers, Says It’s the Least They Can Do For Prophet Mohammad

ASokoto-based Islamic cleric has in a viral video encouraged the Muslim faithful to assassinate anyone who dares to insult Prophet Muhammad.

The preacher vehemently charged Muslims to take action against anyone who attacks the integrity of the prophet.He also created relevance someone who had allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad and was in police custody.

The cleric urged his congregation to kill the suspect once he was released.

SaharaReporters reported on Thursday how Ms Deborah, a student of the Shehu Shagari college of Education in‪ Sokoto State was burnt to death by her colleagues for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

In a viral video obtained by SaharaReporters, the clergyman said, “He wrote on Facebook. He said a lot of things that are not right about the prophet of allah and in Sokoto, I said he was about. For us, we kill such a person. For the prophet of allah, a person we can do is to kill.

Sokoto-based Islamic Preacher Urges Muslims To Kill Blasphemers | today nigeria newspapers headlines updates

“We are not like Muslims, because Kano Muslims ar more like merchants. that’s why after they insulted the prophet as one practising sodomy, no action was taken. They insulted the prophet calledd called him an adulterer and paedophile, yet no action was taken however here in Sokoto, we kill such adulterer.

“Anyone who insults the prophet, our duty is to kill such a person. If they claim the person who blasphemously insulted the prophet was mad, we’re also a bunch of mad people here in Sokoto.

“The extent of our sanity is proportional to however someone attacks our holy prophet. Once he’s attacked, we’re mad enough to strike. i am speaking the truth; may God bless the people of Sokoto for defending the prophet’s integrity.

“Any Muslim faithful who joined the demonstration to the palace of swayer of Sokoto has demonstrated enough evidence that he’s a true discipline of Danfodio.

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“Once he is out of the police custody, take action; assassinate the blasphemer. The claim of insanity to guard him is invalid. If he’s mentally deranged and would not insult anyone except the prophet; then we’re also insane once the prophet is insulted.

“Kill him once you see him. Not just him but anyone who insults the prophet.”

“There’s no other punishment other than death for insulting the prophet of Islam. even if the person is a Muslim, he must be assassinated,” he added.

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