“I have infected 20 guys in my school with HIV”- University girl with HIV reveals | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

“I have infected 20 guys in my school with HIV”- University girl with HIV reveals

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A stunning and wealthy university student (the name of the student and the university in issue remain unknown) has come out to admit that she is responsible for the transmission of HIV to approximately 20 male students at her institution.

The woman made the surprising admission while maintaining her anonymity within a conversation that has subsequently gained widespread attention on the internet.

When the lady began to recount her interactions with the male students at her university and how she managed to infect them with the fatal virus, she began by wondering why some of the male students at her university don’t seem to be afraid of anything and instead go for whoever is wearing a skirt.

The campus lady with HIV claims that other male students have been using and discarding her like a piece of trash while thinking they have gotten away scot-free, despite the fact that they are unaware of the truth that lies beneath the show.During the conversation, she went into depth about how the dangerous and dreaded sexually transmitted disease impacts the male participants (20 male participants so far). According to her, whenever she has sex with the boys, she always makes sure that she has a cut in either her mouth or in her “honey pot.”

Deeply kissing her makes it simpler for the virus to enter the males, and having unprotected intercourse with her is the quickest way for her to transmit the sickness. Because there is a cut in the mouth, deep kissing her makes it easier for the virus to enter the guys.The woman made the startling admission that she only had a few days left to live, and as a result, she has stopped taking the HIV medication she was prescribed. Despite the fact that she has a significant risk of passing away in the near future, all she does is hand over her body to any male who asks for it or tries to get into her underwear.

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