How Peter Obi Can Win The Presidential Election; My Memo To His Social Media Sup

Can Peter Obi Get 25% Of The Votes In The South West And North In 2023?


The presidential ambition of the former governor of Anambra is one of the most talked about in the country. Many people have already been mobilizing for him ahead of the coming election, especially the youths.

However, according to the Nigerian constitution, the election cannot be won with the vote of a single region at all. A person must have 25% of the vote in at least 24 states out of the 36 that we have.

This shows that at least Peter Obi will need to get a huge vote in the North and the South West before his ambition to be president can come to pass.

However, this question is: Can Peter Obi get 25% of the votes in the South West and North?

To begin with, both the South West and the North are home to the presidential candidates of the two major parties, the APC and the PDP, and as a result, this region may not be fertile for Peter Obi.

Apart from that, the party of Peter Obi’s Labour Party is almost a new face to many people, and it would be hard for the party to gather large percent of votes in these two regions where both APC and PDP have members in almost all households that exist there.

The last election in Osun and Ekiti shows that the Labour Party has no strong stand in the South West because even with the presence of Peter Obi in Osun state to campaign for the governorship candidate of the state, Lasun Yusuf, the Labour Party still comes far behind both APC and PDP, who have multiple thousand votes.

Because of the fact that the Labour Party of Peter Obi has a low presence in both regions and because they are mostly unknown to the elderly and middle-aged people who mostly vote during elections, we can stand by the conclusion that Peter Obi may not be able to see 25% of the votes in both regions.

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