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Woman who grew only one breast speaks of her embarrassment after doctors couldn’t find what is wrong with her


A woman has revealed how embarrassed she felt by her own body when she realised she was solely growing one boob on the left side of her chest.

Becca Butcher claims she started noticing her breast was solely developing on one side and was forced to stuff her bra on the other side therefore people would not notice.

She said she begged doctors for answers however they could not tell her what was wrong with her.

She shared her story on TikTok and she or he has received support from other users.

Becca explained in an exceedingly TikTok video: “I noticed it after I went through puberty that one of my boobs was growing and also the other one wasn’t.

“I visited my doctor and that they said, ‘you haven’t finished going through puberty nevertheless. It’s fine. It’s nothing. it’ll grow. It’s traditional for girls to possess one larger than the opposite. come if it hasn’t changed in a few years.’

“At that point i used to be thirteen or fourteen years recent, however I went back to my doctors once more after I was sixteen or seventeen. They said, again, ‘you still haven’t finished going through puberty. It hasn’t finished developing nevertheless. come again} in a few more years.’

“By that time, it absolutely was even a lot of noticeable. i used to be having to stuff my bra with socks, and that i was wearing turtle necks to cover it as a result of I did not wish anybody to know.”

Since doctors could not help her, she said she has resorted to doing her own investigations and it points her to poland Syndrome.Poland Syndrome could be a disorder in individuals born with missing or underdeveloped muscles on one aspect of the body, leading to abnormalities which will have an effect on the chest, shoulder, arm, and hand.

She took this information to her doctor who told her he cannot diagnose her with it as a result of he does not recognize something about it, therefore he referred her to a breast specialist at a hospital.

But the doctor she was observed had no clue about it either and she or he left along with her mum feeling demoralised regarding the lack of help out there.

Fortunately, a nurse who had seen it all before ,happened to spot her coming down the corridor.

She added: “As i used to be walking out of the area, walking down the corridor to leave with my mum, another nurse came down the corridor and she or he saw my chest and she or he said, ‘oh my God, poland Syndrome.’

“I’ve seen that before, come and consult with me. So, me and my momma went into this room and spoke to her and she said, ‘yes, this is often what it’s. I’ve seen it once before in my entire career. perhaps you must go and see a different nurse.’

“I all over up seeing about four or 5 doc doctors, 3 nurses, 2 breast specialists, and a operating surgeon. I had to travel to a few completely different hospitals. i am unable to keep in mind if i used to be twenty or twenty one, however eventually, my doctor sent me for an ultrasound scan.”

Becca then faced so many doctors having different opinions that she gave up attempting to find help from medical professionals.

She continues to be while not an official diagnosis but has made her peace with it, adding: “They simply assumed that they’d ne’er got to fathom it.

“One of the doctors even told me at one point that I might name the condition because it was probably one thing that solely I even have and nobody else has it.

“I want i am never really about to know completely everything about this condition. They still do not know exactly obviously. 100 percent why even happens, but I’ve just accepted that.”

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