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Howie Mandel’s prank on ‘AGT’ fans backfires, nearly leads to blows: ‘Extremely rude’

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At this point, tricks are a custom on America’s Got Talent. For example, there was when Simon Cowell professed to be mangled by a risk act’s bow and bolt, almost giving unfortunate Sofia Vergara a coronary failure simultaneously; Sofia later sought her retribution on Simon by dispatching an embarrassingly revolting mud bust of his face. Then there was when proficient grapplers Nikki and Brie Bella tried out for the show in dreadful jokester ensembles. Thus, on Wednesday’s outcomes show, Simon and his kindred adjudicator Howie Mandel chose to carry on this custom — and this time, the casualties were some clueless AGT fans.

All things considered, with this season’s exhausting new disposal design — which includes no Instant Save or any contribution from the making a decision about board — the cast needed to track down one more ways of killing time before the week’s competitors were trimmed down from 11 to the main two, correct?

At any rate, as AGT watchers stood by to figure out the two demonstrations continuing on toward the Season 17 finale, Howie and Simon chose to go look at the AGT Las Vegas Live scene at the Luxor and get into a touch of underhandedness. And keeping in mind that two months prior, it was the previously mentioned Bella Twins who got into a phony battle in front of an audience, this week it was Howie who nearly participated in fisticuffs.

In the first place, Howie wore a blond shag hairpiece that might have had Simon confusing him with an early-season variant of his old American Idol co-star, Ryan Seacrest. (Simon really referred to Howie’s look as “unnerving.”) The hidden Howie then branched out into the group at the Luxor resort setting’s VIP Experience — with Simon taking care of “shockingly impolite” jokes, Cyrano de Bergerac-style, to him through a secret earpiece. Howie took Simon’s heading great and essentially acted like a gatekeeping Studio 54 custodian, telling visitors they were “underneath the degree of execution” and not “significant” enough to be remembered for this season’s AGT promotions… and things justifiably got tense.

Eventually, the visitors were entertained and shocked to figure out that it was Simon and Howie meddling with them whole time. Furthermore, the astonished — however not exactly entertained — responses didn’t stop there. Later in the episode, watchers were stunned when ventriloquist Celia Muñoz, who established a major connection Tuesday night with her recognition for Olivia Newton-John and was proclaimed one of the night’s best demonstrations by Simon, was disposed of.

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