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Soludo debunks claim of gold being discovered in Anambra


Governor Chukwuma Soludo has exposed cases of gold being found in Anambra state which he oversees.

The lead representative on Friday Augusy 26, in a press proclamation through his Press Secretary, Mr Christian Aburime, depicted report of a gold hold assessed to be more than 20 million tons and worth more than $900tn being found in Ehamufu, Anambra State, as bogus and deluding.

In the proclamation named ‘Implied disclosure of gold hold of north of 20 million tons worth more than $900tn in Ehamufu, Anambra State’, Soludo encouraged people in general to ignore the report totally.

It read;

“The consideration of the public authority of Anambra State has been attracted to an imaginary and misleading review with the above heading which has been getting out and about in a few web-based entertainment handles.

“Ehamufu isn’t in Anambra State. Lead representative Chukwuma Soludo isn’t the Chairman of the South East Governors’ discussion, neither did he brief newsmen of any gathering held by the gathering or apparition disclosure of gold stores in Ehamufu, Anambra State, as purportedly guaranteed by the writer(s).

“The whole report including each assertion or citation purportedly ascribed to Soludo are simple deceptions without a bit of legitimacy.

“The overall population is thus encouraged to disapprove and dismiss these cases as a fabrication of the essayist’s creative mind. The whole news thing stays a wickedly concocted story with the reasonable goal to delude the overall population.

“For accentuation, the overall population is again encouraged to ignore the report and each material in that as a phony news thing totally.”

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