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Hold education minister and FG responsible for prolonged strike – ASUU


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has approached Nigerians to hold the Minister of Education, Adamu and the Federal Government liable for the drawn out strike.

Talking at the University of Jos, Plateau State, ASUU Zonal Coordinator, Bauchi Zone, Prof Lawan Abubakar, on Friday, August 26, said prior to being a pastor, Adamu had forever been on the side of ASUU’s tumults/activities, including strikes, as he generally encouraged them to consider the public authority responsible.

He said since Adamu has turned into the Minister of Education he has abruptly betrayed ASUU and has been misdirecting different priests and people in general about the activity set out upon by the association.

DailyTrust reports that the director cited Adamu to have said in 2013;

“This country owes an obligation of appreciation to ASUU, and the strike ought not be canceled until the public authority acknowledges to do and does what is required. In this way, rather than hectoring ASUU to cancel the strike, the country ought to petition God for a greater amount of its sort in different areas of the economy.”

The teacher further expressed that as of late, Adamu had likewise said that anything he composed on ASUU, he had completely had faith in it, even now that he is a priest.

“You might review that when requested to offer his remarks on ASUU’s accommodation to President Buhari on Tuesday, the ninth of January, 2020, Adamu said he completely concurred with what ASUU introduced, whereupon note President Buhari gave him ASUU’s report and guided him to concoct a proposition for a friendly arrangement.

For a similar Adamu to now lead his partners, different clergymen, to distort realities and deceive the great individuals of Nigeria against ASUU is somewhat sad. It is the most elevated level of traitorous damage a pastor would do to his country, especially in an area like schooling which is the foundation of the improvement of any country.

Assuming this is the method for finishing the ASUU strike, ASUU-Bauchi Zone is protesting it and guaranteeing Adamu that he is off-base; he has rather prevailed with regards to subverting the fate of Nigerian adolescents and Nigeria. In the event that it would take him six (6) months to just think of this trickery as an answer for the strike, we then, at that point, reserve the privilege to find out if he truly was serious with schooling or stage-overseeing it.

It has now come to bear, that the clergyman had from the start been beguiling everyone beginning around 2017, to the extent that ASUU’s disturbances in the residency of this administration are concerned. We believe the overall population should realize that the Federal Government through Adamu didn’t move toward ASUU with any sensible and adequate answers for the issues in the conflict that prompted the ongoing strike.”

Abubakar said another complicit Minister in the discussions was the Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, who he claimed deserted the talks, and afterward started chasing after an official bid where he proceeded to give N100 million to purchase designation structure, just for him to later pull out and relinquish the cash.

“We are presently hearing accounts of termites gobbling up reports connected with the use of more than 17 billion Naira in NSITF (National Insurance Trust Fund), a parastatal in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment where Chris Ngige holds influence as clergyman. In the event that Ngige would leave converses with ASUU for his Dead-on-Arrival official bid, one wouldn’t anticipate that the Minister of Education should do the most terrible to the Ministry of his charge” he said

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