How The 7-Man Robbery Gang Led By Indian Lady Who Fortifies Herself With Charms Got Caught In The Police Net

Crime & Terrorism

Lagos State Police Command has captured a 7-man burglary group drove by an Indian woman named Alisha Noble who guaranteed that she invigorated herself with charms prior to coming to Nigeria.

An assertion endorsed by the Lagos PPRO, DSP Elkana Bala, said Alisha and her group were known for burglarizing Churches and grocery stores in Lagos.

As per P.M.EXPRESS, the 7-man burglary group were captured on 27th February, 2020, after series of firearm fight with the police and Nigerian armed force during their burglary activity along Lagos-Apapa turnpike.

While being strutted throughout the end of the week, the pack chief, Alisha Noble, admitted that no measure of slugs took shots at her can enter her body since she was sustained in India by an extraordinary cleric, who passed on subsequent to bracing her.

She likewise uncovered that she had a ton of otherworldly abilities, which was the reason when she showed up before the expected time 2011, she chose to shape the burglary posse since she realized no projectile would infiltrate her body.

One more individual from the group admitted about the quantities of temples they had looted and how much cash the posse had got from shops and houses of worship they robbed.Elkana said the pack wound up in a tight spot at their last activity when the Police followed up on knowledge report about their exercises, then, at that point, observed and captured the gangsters including Alisha Noble.

“We had a serious firearm fight with them before we were upheld by men of the Nigerian Army”, the Police said.

He further said that the Inspector of Police responsible for the case has guaranteed that the Police would do all that could be within reach to recuperate every one of the things they had taken.

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