Tragedy: 32 passengers feared abducted in Ondo by Gunmen

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No less than 32 travelers getting back from an entombment service in Benin, Edo State were supposedly snatched along Owo/Benin roadway, end of the week.

In any case, the state police order said 11 individuals were kidnapped and that it safeguarded two of the people in question.

Security agents in Ondo state are on the path of certain outlaws who supposedly hijacked nearly 32 people in a waterfront transport getting back from Benin City, Edo State on Saturday night.

The 32 casualties who were captured were getting back to Akure, in the wake of going to the entombment service and were come by the punks along Benin-Ifon street.

The casualties were supposed to go with others in two different vehicles when their seaside transport was halted yet the drivers of different vehicles halted while the tenants in the two vehicles leaped out and escaped into the brambles.

The State Police order affirmed the improvement while the Commander of Amotekun in the state, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, additionally affirmed the snatching.

Adeleye, in a phone visit, said the order would do all an option for its to save the people in question and free the condition of lawbreakers.

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Adeleye made sense of that men of the Amokekun corp and other security organizations had been advised and had since started look for the people in question.

A source who revealed that the majority of the casualties were photographic artists who went to an entombment function in Edo State, expressed the greater part of the seized casualties got away while they were being moved to the timberland.

He said the criminals prevailed with regards to kidnapping 11 people while others got away however said security agents brushing the bramble safeguarded two of the people in question.

Security agents coming to the area were said to have safeguarded two of the casualties while search was still on for different casualties.

Talking with Echonewsng, the state police order representative, Funmi Odunlami, said: “It was 11 people that were grabbed. We have safeguarded some of them and our men are still in the shrubbery.”


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