Woman, 19, ‘woke up to find Benjamin Mendy raping her while she was sleeping after a party at his £48m mansion’

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A 19-year-elderly person was supposedly assaulted by soccer star Benjamin Mendy as she was dozing after a party at his chateau home, a court heard yesterday.

The lady, who can’t be named for lawful reasons, told the Mendy assault preliminary: ‘All I recall is awakening to Ben being on top of me.’

She retaliated tears as she told the jury at Chester Crown Court in a pre-recorded video interview that she had been to a club with the footballer and afterward back for a pool party at his £4.8 million manor in Prestbury, Cheshire.

She is one of three ladies who guarantee they were assaulted by the Manchester City safeguard at the two-day party on the 23 to 24 July last year.

The observer, who was 19 at that point, said she and a companion had been to Mendy’s home and afterward onto a club in Manchester prior to getting back to the house for additional beverages and a dip in the pool.

She said she had champagne, tequila and rose wine and portrayed herself as ‘six out of ten alcoholic’.

She said she reported that she was drained and was displayed to a room by one of Mendy’s companions.

She changed out of the swimsuit she had carried with her and into her clothing and nodded off, alone, in the twofold bed.

The observer said it was somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 a.m. at the point when she nodded off in a twofold bed in the room.

She mournfully let the court know that she woke to find Mendy engaging in sexual relations with her from behind.

She said: ‘I awakened with him on top of me. I resembled on my side and he was behind me. I had fallen asleep and afterward he was on top of me.

‘He was inside me. I said that I would have rather not done anything since I was on my period. It was a couple of moments and I recollect him taking it out.

‘He didn’t let out the slightest peep however he gave me a towel to put under me.’

The meeting cop asked her: ‘Is there any opportunity that he thought you needed to engage in sexual relations with him that day?’

She answered: ‘No, in light of the fact that I didn’t know him that well.’

The observer said that she went out the next evening and later discovered that her companion had likewise guaranteed that she was assaulted by Mendy at a similar party.

She said the companion had sent her a message on Snapchat and added: ‘She didn’t carefully describe the situation, she recently said something had happened to her.

‘I assume I needed to educate her concerning what befell me yet I just shut it off.’

The jury has been informed that it is claimed that Mendy had assaulted the companion when she was on a couch in the lounge room of the house.

The companion had no memory of the supposed attack except for a later DNA test showed that she had likewise had intercourse with Mendy’s companion and claimed fixer Louis Saha Matturie.

The observer who guaranteed Mendy assaulted her in the room while she was snoozing conceded in the meeting that she had consensual sex with Mendy a few months sooner subsequent to meeting him at a party in Saha’s level in Salford.

She told the court: ‘We engaged in sexual relations. It was only a one evening thing. I was clearheaded and It was totally consensual.’

The observer was questioned by Ms Eleanor Laws QC, for Mendy, and conceded trading messages with a companion about the sex with Mendy in the level.

Ms. Regulations said the messages showed that the experience was in March last year and it was whenever she first had at any point met Mr Mendy.

Ms. Regulations said: ‘Do you said you didn’t know him that well?’

The observer answered: ‘He doesn’t actually cooperate with individuals at parties so I didn’t know him that well.’

She conceded that the next day she had informed a companion and said: ‘I laid down with a popular Manchester City footballer the previous evening.’

The companion answered: ‘Next time get a signature or a marked shirt, ha.’

The observer had answered: ‘Ha ha…imagine.’

In one more message to the companion she said: ‘I continue to recollect things I did on Saturday night.

‘For what reason do I drink? I don’t have the foggiest idea how I get up to a portion of the stuff I get up to, good gracious.’

Mendy, 28, denies eight assaults, one endeavored assault and one rape.

Matturie, 41, from Eccles, Manchester denies eight assaults and four rapes.

The preliminary proceeds.