Unveiling the Cult Gov. AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman created and the phantom they propagate


By Abdulsomad Olota


In the book ‘Age of Propaganda’, A. R. Pratkanis and E. Aronson identified how those “in the know” of propaganda as a tool of persuasion would jilt people of their cognitive prowess. This submission of theirs, troubles my heart anytime I read puffery pieces by any member of the recently acknowledged cult “data boys” by their principal, most especially writings from this cult’s head, the Joseph Goebbels of Kwara State, Gov. AbdulRazaq’s minister of propaganda; Rafiu Ajakaye.

Their attitude can be likened to an event narrated by a social psychologist, Leon Festinger, who infiltrated a cult and kept notes on proceedings surreptitiously. The cult was created by a woman called, “Mrs. Keech,” who reportedly received messages from extraterrestrial aliens that the world would end in a great flood on a specific date. She attracted a group of followers who left jobs, schools, spouses and gave away money and possessions to prepare to depart on a flying saucer that, according to Mrs. Keech, would arrive to rescue the true believers.

The believers shunned publicity while they awaited the flying saucer and the flood. But when the prophecy was disconfirmed, almost immediately, the previously most-committed group members made calls to newspapers, sought out interviews, and started actively proselytizing.

Just like Mrs Keech, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq promised Kwarans a heaven on earth and Kwarans who are unprecedented to such deceit fell for it exactly like the followers of Mrs Keech, disposed their valuables for a heaven which never exists on earth. But unlike the unapologetic followers of Mrs. Keech, reasonable number of the public became assertive, hence the determination to redeem their mistakes to save Kwara State from leprous hands by sending Gov. AA and his cohort packing from the State house.

The majority determination to unseat these set of clueless leaders who were sold to the good people of Kwara at a very expensive and regrettable price has been unsettling them and has made them intensify on the effort to vacillate the people once more by polishing the old promises which they have failed to deliver in the past three years. The cult members “data boys” who are also unaware of the fiction they propagate have recently been reinforced by futher reducing their dissonance with a mere meeting and few pictures taken with the Governor.
Gov. Abdulrahman’s acknowledgement of “data boys” was celebrated by these cultists instead of pondering over what they’ve been ridiculously reduced to.

Accurately, it’s a true situation of how people who thought their self-esteem is at risk by accepting the truth that they can equally be wrong. These individuals will go to great lengths of distortion, denial and self-persuation in order to rationalize their past behavior.

The cult’s head who is an expert in using cognitive dissonance as a decoy to control and reinforce the cult’s members to intensify effort in proselytizing the public not by enlightenment but rather by using different lies, emphasis on the use of simple slogans and altered images to move the masses toward a desired position or point of view. Perfect example of such distraction is the recently launched movement tagged “#Saraki is not coming back”. Mindless of them to think Kwarans are unaware that Saraki isn’t on the ballot against them this time. Another example is the cult members responding to a logical argument with mere political slogans because they equally don’t have a clear image of what they are propagating, perhaps it exists only in their minds. Also, reiteration of false hope to fixate citizens mind on a phantom: this has been their recent strategy which is designed to sway people again that the future they’re creating will be a better and prosperous one for all and sundry while reality is putting us on the top spot of the most indebted states in the country.

Often, patriots of the state will be troubled with questions like “what type of image are these pundits trying to create for Kwara?”, “Is it that perfect that they’re still at designing stage for more than 3 years?” and “why must they communicate the intended image in this manner?”, “why these adjectives and slogans?”.
Justice can never be done to such questions and neither can “data boys” provide befitting answers devoid of injudiciousness to these questions. Another mystic defect in wisdom and clinical understanding is how shamelessly committed these cultists are to justifying their immorality and dissonance reduction.

These data boys are of dangerous attributes more likened to a cult and devoid of self awareness. They defend their ego and retain a positive self-image. But self-justification can reach startling extremes where people will ignore danger in order to avoid dissonance, even when that ignorance can cause their deaths and the deaths of loved ones.

Conclusively, it’s my hope that, the self-justification of these known cultists has not reached a startling extreme where any form of consciousness is absolutely lost. As another campaign officially approaches, it’s my prayer that these people who were not like this before the arrival of a clueless leader like Gov. AA, regain their conscience and stop fabricating lies and misleading the people whose only source of government assessment is through the media.

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