Let’s discuss the funeral rites of Queen Elizabeth and the similarities of English culture to Onitsha cultural rites of passage.

In the cause of today’s burial of the late Queen, the ritual by the Lord Chamberlain, who is the most senior member of the Queen’s Household (Diokpa Umunna Queen) broke the Wand of Office (ikpaji-Ossissi) which was buried with the Queen.
This is strikingly similar to Onitsha’s traditional burial right of a member of Agbalenze Noble society.

Did you also notice that the queen has a Sceptre (Ojih) and Orb (Okwachi) which were returned to the altar of Windsor castle (Iba Umu-Windsor)?

There are many other similarities. If you are from Onicha and you observed any, and can relate it to Onicha-Ado custom, tell us in the comment section.

The white man was quick to condemn our tradition, yet upholding theirs, which are not much different from ours.

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