Nigerian notorious social media fraudster, Ramon HUSHPUPPI Abass should be sentenced to 11 years in prison, pay $2.2million in restitution fees, F.B.I tells federal Judge

Crime & Terrorism

claim suspect cooperated fully in months’ long investigation, to face three years of supervised release, American court rules on jail term November 7, 2022

*“I explained to F.B.I that within a period of 18 months, one of my friends and I laundered over $300million. Those are funds we obtained
illegally from fraud. I am so sorry for the wrong lifestyle I led, the innocent people we duped. I regret all my actions and I have learnt my
lessons. Please forgive me”-HUSHPUPPI confesses in court affidavit

*“Mr Abbas’ criminal path was premeditated, even though he had a clear chance to choose a rewarding career as a law-abiding citizen.
Defendant’s history and personal characteristics are not mitigating. Indeed, given his stable family and education, the defendant was well situated to be a law-abiding member of society. Instead, he chose to pursue a global celebrity lifestyle by swindling innocent victims and laundering money for criminals of all stripes. His greed and ego have driven the many offenses he is known to have engaged in, and he has made
a living and cultivated a following by using his ill gotten gains to create an extravagant lifestyle”-U.S. Prosecutors