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Our Vision

We shall endeavour to uphold the ethics of our profession with emphasis on truthfulness, balance and fairness in our discourse and reportage of World, Continental and National issues.

We shall strive to ensure that our view point with regard to our content, shall at all times reflect all sides to the issues.

We shall strive to advance the cause of humanity through the spread of universal message of world peace, by empowering the people with regular update news as they break.

Beyond all these, we shall strive to advance knowledge in a manner advocated by renowned philosopher, Socrates in one of all-time wise sayings: “I prefer knowledge to wealth for the one is transitory and the other perpetual’’.

We are driven by our collective passion for ECHOnewsng.com, as according to Warren Burnett. “without passion, you don’t have energy, without energy, you have nothing’’.

Our Mandate

The Echonewsng.com is envisaged to be an authoritative special online newspaper that will cover general news with clear focus on development journalism, political-economy, healthcare, entertainment and lifestyle, as well as tourism.

Echonewsng.com will particularly push the ideals and concept of Olympism as one of the veritable means of attaining world peace — a concept that abhors discrimination among mankind.

We shall also strive to ensure coverage of news including General news – Politics, Business, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Healthcare, Transport, Religion, Sports & Olympism

Published: PHILTON Communications Ltd.

Managing Director/CEO: Tony Obiora Nezianya

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