No monkeypox vaccines in Nigeria – NCDC

The Nigeria Place for Infectious prevention (NCDC) has uncovered the shortfall of monkeypox immunization in the country. The organization expressed this because of worries that the continuous monkeypox pandemic could turn out to be more deadly, as immunizations, medicines and tests are inaccessible in a significant part of the world, particularly Africa . A report […]

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Scientists call for monkeypox to be reclassified as an STI |nigeria news today headlines update today

“Classifying the virus as an STI more accurately reflects transmission of the new strain’ – Scientists call for monkeypox to be reclassified as an STI

Researchers are calling for monkeypox to be renamed as a physically sent contamination (STI). Monkeypox is right now not delegated a STI but instead a disease that might be related with sexual action, through skin-to-skin transmission. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) says that considering the ailment as a STI would precisely reflect transmission of the […]

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Bayelsa confirms 13 cases of monkeypox |nigeria news today headlines update today

Bayelsa confirms 13 cases of monkeypox

Bayelsa State Ministry of Health has confirmed thirteen cases of monkeypox within the state. Director of Public Health within the state Ministry of Health, Dr Jones stow said the viral disease is more prevalent in males than females. Stow who noted that monkeypox causes skin rashes that develop into bigger sizes of blisters particularly on […]

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racking where the cases are | latest news from nigerian newspapers today

Monkeypox in Canada: Tracking where the cases are

Cases of monkeypox are on the rise in Canada, as part of a current global outbreak. The viral disease—often presenting as a flu-like infection with a rash—spreads through close personal contact with those who have a symptomatic case. Vaccines are being offered to those at highest risk. The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a public […]

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